Friday, November 14, 2008

My job

Wow. It has been a while. Lol. I did leave my bookkeeping job and found a job that I love. But it wasn't with hair. I am working for a family as a nanny. They have 6 kids, 5 girls and a boy, aged 1-15. They are a great family and I love working with the kids. They sometimes give me grief but for the most part they are good kids. Some days are crazy, like yesterday. The 5 year old had 2 friends over and their mom wanted to pick them up at 3:30, which I told her I couldn't promise anything but I would try to be home as close to that as possible. So I already had a headache from the 3 kids playing and the baby. At 3:00 I had to pick up the 15 year old from school, take her home to grab her permit. Go and pick up the 8 & 10 year olds from school which ends at 3:30, drive home so the 10 year old could grab his guitar and since the mom of the friends wasn't there. Leave them with the 8 year old for a couple of minutes (don't worry the g'ma lives next door and Mom's worklplace is only about a half a block away). Take the 10 year old to guitar lessons, pick up the 13 year old from school. But she claims she couldn't see us and so we waited for 20 min before we went and had her paged to the office. By this point the baby is screaming because it is her naptime. But the 15 year old needed school supplies, so we ran to the store. At the store the 13 year old starts throwing a fit because she wanted some pen with laser on it and she had no money. But I told her no way, she is old enough to know not to throw fits. Then we had to rush to pick up the 10 year old from guitar. Of course, by the time I get home I am just at my wits end and not one child has done thier chores. I went and put the baby down and started on the kids. I was successful with one. But seeing as today was cleaning day (they have cleaners every other week) I didn't really care enough to fight them. It was a day that I was happy to go home and rest from! Keep tuning in I am hoping to get pictures up soon. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Beginnings

This is the beginning of my blog. It is weird I never thought I would have one of these but it seems to be a good way to keep in contact with all my friends and family out there.
Well I am currently working as a bookkeeper in SLC but am in the process of getting my cosmetology license in Utah. So I will be looking for a salon job soon. I am excited. I miss working in the salon and the whole atmosphere that goes with it. Not to mention a little bit later mornings. Lol. Mornings and I do not get along. It just comes too early.
I am also living in Draper. I live with 3 other girls in a really cute townhome. It is nice that we are all return missionaries and active in church. I have yet to go to my new ward but will be attending on Sunday. I am excited to have a new change but it was sad to leave my old ward. I really found a good ward family there. But change is a good thing sometimes.